Two days to go

Tomorrow is the last day of school and my work life in Japan.  It simply does not feel real.  Annette is here; the apartment is getting very empty; and the thank-you baking is nearly done and ready to be packaged for distribution at my schools.

Tuesday will be the final clean-up and removal of large items to the dump, friends who need them, or into the spare rooms of friends to keep for me until I return.  Then, in the afternoon, we will be off to Shikoku to see the cherry blossoms at Konpira-zan and Ritsurin in Kagawa before starting the walk.  (The trees are blooming so early this year!)

I slipped and fell into a stream while we were hiking yesterday, wrenching my left knee and getting some bruises on odd places on my legs.  My knee is stiff today but I can stand and walk without much pain.  (Putting weight on it to sit down, stand up, or take the stairs is when it complains.)  Hopefully, with a couple more good night’s rest, it will be back to normal for the walk.


About Leigh

Amateur Buddhist pilgrim, hiker, and onsen lover.
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